WHAt we do

We are studio potters making one of a kind handmade pots created for everyday use.  We use our space to give other professional makers a start as a studio assistant, a place for professional artists in between studios to keep creating, and community classes to share our love of clay.  

What We offer

  • A small gallery to buy the beautiful work of our studio makers. 
  • Twice a year studio sales. You can visit us in May or December for open studios and sales that often include other local makers. 
  • Studio space for a small group of professional makers. 
  • A one year studio assistantship for someone just out of school figuring out the next step. 
  • Community clay classes for people wanting to learn about clay. We love ceramics and are happy to share our knowledge! 
  • One time maker events including Girls' Night, Date Night, and Family afternoons.
  • Private Lessons. Want one on one time? We can do that! 
  • Holiday one time maker events for families. These one time projects are started and finished all in one visit!